Validation of a predictive model of malignancy of a solitary pulmonary nodule and survival after 5 years of follow-up.

Primary objective: To determine in a five-year period the risk of malignancy of an NPS detected in radiological
studies as well as the survival of patients diagnosed with lung cancer.

Secondary objectives: 1.To determine the predictive values for the diagnosis of lung cancer of an NPS and the
survival of patients over a five-year period. 2. Validate a predictive model of malignancy of a previously
calculated model from an independent sample of patients. 3. To examine the adherence/adequacy to the
recommendations of the Fleischner Society guidelines 2005 in the management of patients with NPS, factors
associated with inadequate follow-up as well as radiation attributable to the diagnostic process.

Retrospective cohort study of all patients who performed a chest image test (Rx or TAC) during the years 2010
and 2011 in two general radiology services from two public hospitals, and followed for a period of 5 years since
their inclusion in the study up to the diagnosis of lung cancer or éxitus. For the validation study of the model 600
consecutive patients who have performed a chest test (single X-ray and/or CT) during the years 2013-2014 in San
Juan University hospital will be included and follow-up for a period of 5 years.

10 May 2021